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PPC Services in Hyderabad

Maximize ROI with our pay per click services. Guaranteed Results with minimal Investment. We work to drive your traffic and conversions.

If you want to really turn up the lead generation, we suggest pay-per-click, specifically Google Adwords. PPC is less expensive and more effective now than ever. There are so many options for paid search now (Text ads, Remarketing, Gmail Ads, Pre-roll, etc.,). So, what is the best strategy for your business? Our team helps you on this.

Why choose us?

Dedicated Consultants

Our in-house team of PPC experts has extensive experience, who perform search marketing like back of their hand. We understand every facet of paid search and are well versed in different functionalities of paid ads listed below. You’ll get top rated marketing services with our technical infrastructure, expertise, processes and execution abilities.

  • Search Ads - Google and other search engine listing generated by keyword searches
  • Display Ads - Advertising via Google Display Networks
  • Mobile Ads - Mobile Optimized Ads for search engines
  • Remarketing Ads - Targeted Ads for a defined audience

Easy On OFF

Worried about escalating costs due to paid advertising? We don’t believe in holding onto clients with long contracts. Instead we maintain clients with results.

  • No contracts or fixed investments
  • Customized Budget Plans
  • No Initial Account Setup Cost
  • Complete Turnover of Campaign data in case
  • Resume Campaign Easily

Complete Transparency

It is your money and you need to where each of your spent money is going. Unlike many other PPC firms, we keep the process 100% transparent and involve you in the campaign process. We’ll inform you what exactly we are doing and take prior approval for all major decisions related to the account.

  • 24/7 Support with Skype
  • Email & Telephone for any queries

Constant Monitoring

Pay per click advertising requires constant monitoring and adjustments to maximize ROI from your campaign. Outsourcing your PPC campaign to us will ensure your PPC campaign is constantly audited to understand what is working for you and what needs improvement.

  • Weekly Work Reports
  • Monthly Campaign Reports

Pay per click advertising doesn’t work in isolation. Your campaign strategy needs bit of everything from design & development of landing pages to mobile marketing for greater ROI. We also provide:

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